11 Formal Ways To Say "Tech-Savvy" On Your Resume (2023)

Being “tech-savvy” is a valuable skill for anyone. But, let’s face it, “savvy” is not a formal word. We should avoid using it in our resumes, and it would help to know what better options are out there. This article will explore all the best alternatives to help you.

What Can I Say Instead Of “Tech-Savvy” On My Resume?

Since “savvy” isn’t the best word to use in your resume, you should try out one of the following:

  • Technically proficient
  • Computer literate
  • Technically literate
  • Familiar with technology
  • Computer expert
  • Technical expert
  • Seasoned user
  • Technically skilled
  • Technophile
  • Computer enthusiast
  • Proficient with computers
11 Formal Ways To Say "Tech-Savvy" On Your Resume (1)

The preferred version is “technically proficient” or “computer literate.” They are both good options to include in your resume as they both highlight your skill and ability to use “computers” effectively. This is a surprisingly overlooked skill, so it will set you apart.

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Technically Proficient

“Technically proficient” shows that we are capable of doing tasks on computers. We often have a lot of skills related to computers or technology in general, both of which will be invaluable resources for our future employers.

This phrase works really well because it shows that you can learn on the spot.

Many types of software have an overlap that makes them easy to learn once you know how most of them work. Your proficiency will help you to identify this overlap and learn new programs and systems much quicker than others.

Check out some of these examples to see how it works:

  • I am technically proficient in all the necessary software that you will require of me.
  • I have been technically proficient for as long as I can remember, and I’ve only furthered my knowledge thanks to recent employment opportunities.
  • I am technically proficient, which I believe sets me apart from the common candidate.

Computer Literate

“Computer literate” is another great alternative to use. It works well to show that we’ve spent many years on “computers” and that we’ve learned how to operate them effectively.

Often, we will be familiar with all the major forms of software (like Adobe Suite or Microsoft Office). However, it also shows that we’re more than willing to learn about new and less well-known choices if it’s required of our new role.

Check out a few of these to see how it works:

  • I have many skills, the least of which is my computer literacy. I can use any software from any company and learn it in a short space of time.
  • I am computer literate, which makes it much easier for me to get my head around new systems and teach others around me.
  • My computer literacy makes it easy for me to help my colleagues to learn about difficult data-entry systems.

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Technically Literate

“Technically literate” uses “literate” in a similar fashion to above. It shows that we are more than capable of learning new systems, although it’s much more likely that we’re already familiar with all the systems that someone might throw our way.

Here are a few examples of how it works:

  • I am technically literate. I have the ability to understand any program I am asked to within the first few hours.
  • I pride myself on being technically literate, which is a large part of why I have been so successful at my previous places of employment.
  • My technical literacy skills set me apart from anyone else. I can even go into the back-end of most software to fix errors that I notice.

Familiar With Technology

“Familiar with technology” is a good way to show that you have plenty of experience with “technology.” If we’re “familiar,” it means we do not shy away from a technologically-reliant task. This is useful to know in many modern workplaces.

How about trying this one from the following examples:

  • I am familiar with technology and know my way around all the main software that you use in this company.
  • I am familiar with technology, but I’m always happy to learn more about what I can do to further my experience.
  • I have been familiar with technology since I could walk, making me a prime candidate for this position.

Computer Expert

“Computer expert” works well to show that you know a lot about computers and how they work. You can also talk about what specific parts of computers you are an “expert” in (whether that’s related to soft or hardware could win you bonus points depending on the role).

Check out some of these examples:

  • I am a computer expert, and I’m more than happy to share my extensive knowledge with the workforce if you choose to hire me.
  • I am a computer expert, and you can find out more about the skills I have if you refer to my website at the following address.
  • I am considered a computer expert even in my field, which is why I think it’s appropriate for you to hire me.

Technical Expert

“Technical expert” is another great way to use “expert.” It shows that we consider our knowledge to be above regular people around us, which usually helps us to put ourselves above the crowd when written in a resume.

These examples will help you to make more sense of it:

  • I am a technical expert with proficiency in all of the most common types of software on the market.
  • I am happy to teach those around me because I am a technical expert. I have extensive knowledge where others may have none.
  • My previous employer saw me as the technical expert of the office, which I’m keen to bring to the table when you hire me.

Seasoned User

“Seasoned user” isn’t the most common, but it works well to show that you’ve been using computers and technology for a long time. As a “seasoned” person, you have accrued plenty of knowledge over the course of many years.

How about seeing how this one works with these examples:

  • I’m a seasoned user of all types of software. I’ll also be happy to teach any others about the software if the need is there.
  • I am a seasoned user of computers, which makes it much easier for me to understand what I’m supposed to do.
  • I have been called a seasoned user because of my skills with a mouse and keyboard.

Technically Skilled

“Technically skilled” works well to show that you are “skilled” in all the right places related to technology. It allows you to share your knowledge briefly with your employer, and hopefully, you’ll have a quick and easy way to prove it to them if they ask about it.,

Here are a few ways we can make this one work:

  • I am technically skilled in all relevant subject matters, which means I have the capacity to be a great candidate for you.
  • I am technically skilled from years of study and intensive learning. I hope I can share my abilities with you.
  • You will see from my portfolio that I am technically skilled in many outlets.


“Technophile” works well when you want to show that you are great with technology. You should only use this word if you’re able to back it up by some method (either providing a portfolio or proving it when your employer asks it of you).

The word “technophile” uses the Greek suffix “-phile” to show that you love something. In this case, “technophile” translates to “technology lover” in English.

These examples will help you to make more sense of this:

  • I am known as a technophile amongst my peers, and they always come to me for help when they need to learn more about technology.
  • I am a technophile (both self-proclaimed and to my peers). I’m more than happy to share my knowledge with those around me.
  • As a technophile, I have a grand collection of many types of computers, which makes me the perfect fit for this IT role.

Computer Enthusiast

“Computer enthusiast” shows that you enjoy using computers. This enjoyment usually translates well into your extensive knowledge. After all, if you’re someone who enjoys being on computers, it’s likely that you’ve spent a great deal of time understanding them.

See how this phrase works in the following situations:

  • As a computer enthusiast, I’m always eager to learn more about software whenever I get a chance.
  • I’m a computer enthusiast, and if a project needs completing, I’ll make sure to find the most effective process to get it done right online.
  • I’m a computer enthusiast, and I have been since I was a child. I have plenty of knowledge that I can bring to the team.

Proficient With Computers

“Proficient with computers” is another way to show you are skillful. “Proficient” shows that you’ve put a lot of time and effort into learning all you can learn about computers and how you operate while using them.

Why not try this phrase in the following situations:

  • As someone who is proficient with computers, I will happily teach anyone around me how to make their lives easier online.
  • I am proficient with computers, which is a common issue I see with my colleagues who might need further guidance.
  • I am proficient with computers, and more than happy to work with all major forms of software available on the market.

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11 Formal Ways To Say "Tech-Savvy" On Your Resume (2)

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How do you say tech savvy in a professional way? ›

“Tech-savvy” is a good way to highlight IT skills, but it's not a professional term. You could say “techie” if you're applying for a job specifically related to technology and computers. “Computer literate” is the most effective phrase to show your IT skills in a resume.

What is another word for savvy on resume? ›

Savvy is most commonly used as an adjective to describe a person who's generally knowledgeable, experienced, and well-informed. Synonyms that capture these same qualities are shrewd, astute, and canny.

Can you put computer savvy on a resume? ›

You can list your computer skills in the skills section of your resume as well as in the work experience section.

How would you describe yourself as a tech-savvy? ›

If a person is technology savvy, it means they have the right skills and intuitive knowledge to operate modern devices effectively. It typically involves understanding technical concepts, then knowing how to apply them in different contexts.

What is an example sentence for tech-savvy? ›

The trend is especially pronounced among tech-savvy millennials. These tech-savvy young people are tired of seeing the same tainted politicians at the help of power. So the tech-savvy friends decided to create an online place for that themselves. Reporters, after all, aren't always the most tech-savvy people.

What is another word for high tech person? ›

a person who loves or is enthusiastic about advanced technology.

What do you call a person who is good at technology? ›

tech·​ie ˈte-kē Synonyms of techie. : a person who is very knowledgeable or enthusiastic about technology and especially high technology. techie adjective.

What is the formal word for techy? ›

Synonyms of techie
  • technocrat.
  • technophile.
  • geek.
  • gearhead.
  • hacker.
  • cyberpunk.
  • cracker.
  • computerist.

What is a word for being good with computers? ›

If someone is computer-literate, they have enough skill and knowledge to be able to use a computer.

What is another word for technical skills on resume? ›

Technical skills, also known as hard skills , are qualities acquired by using and gaining expertise in performing physical or digital tasks.

What does technically proficient mean? ›

Definition. Must be able to apply the technical knowledge and skills required in the specialist and professional job role and responsibilities in order to achieve the expected outputs.

Is technical savvy a skill? ›

What are technology savvy skills? Technology savvy skills are a set of abilities and knowledge that allow people to use technology in personal, educational and professional settings. This can include the use of the Internet, devices like computers, smartphones or tablets.

Is computer literate and tech savvy the same? ›

Tech Savvy and Digital Literacy are not the same thing. Many people think that having the most sophisticated or expensive cellular phone and computer, or having your security system, car and washing machine connected by Bluetooth are all signs of being technology savvy.

How do I make my resume stand out tech? ›

7 Resume Tips for Tech Jobs
  1. List Your Technical and Coding Skills at the Top. ...
  2. Highlight Personal Projects. ...
  3. Link to Your Portfolio. ...
  4. Add Any Technical Extracurriculars. ...
  5. Link to Professional Profiles. ...
  6. Focus on Skills Employees Are Looking For. ...
  7. Include Your Coding Bootcamp, if Applicable.
Sep 15, 2022

Is tech-savvy a soft skill? ›

While technical savviness is generally considered to be a hard skill, tech workers depend on various IT soft skills to succeed in the workplace, such as being detail-oriented and curious. Being tech-savvy also requires ingenuity and the ability to persevere and push through challenges.

What is a tech-savvy employee? ›

Tech-savvy refers to a person's ability to understand, use and navigate technology efficiently. It indicates that one is knowledgeable about technology and can adapt quickly to new gadgets or software.

What is a good sentence for technology? ›

The company is on the cutting edge of technology. The government is developing innovative technologies to improve the safety of its soldiers.

What is a sentence for high tech? ›

We are also attracting more high-tech industry to the town. To have a good high-tech industry it is important to provide opportunities for women. Shipbuilding is a high-tech industry that combines the most advanced technologies in production and operation.

What is a good sentence for technical? ›

Technical experts analyzed the data. The film's director hired a real police officer as a technical consultant. a pianist with good technical skills The essay is too technical for me.

What is another word for technical expert? ›

Some common synonyms of expert are adept, proficient, skilled, and skillful. While all these words mean "having great knowledge and experience in a trade or profession," expert implies extraordinary proficiency and often connotes knowledge as well as technical skill.

What is another word for deep tech? ›

One word for Deep Tech is breakthrough! Data science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things(IoT), Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR) are all referred to as deep technology.

What is an extremely smart person called? ›

genius. noun. someone who is much more intelligent or skilful than other people.

What is a word for very smart? ›

astute, brainy, bright, brilliant, creative, imaginative, inventive, knowledgeable, original, perceptive, rational, resourceful, smart, well-informed, wise, able, acute, alert, alive, all there.

What is another word for technology leader? ›

A chief technology officer (CTO), also known as a chief technical officer or chief technologist, is an executive-level position in a company or other entity whose occupation is focused on the scientific and technological issues within an organization.

What are three synonyms for technology? ›

synonyms for technology
  • automation.
  • machinery.
  • computers.
  • mechanics.
  • mechanization.
  • robotics.
  • telecommunications.
  • applied science.

What do you call a person who is skilled in computer? ›

Computer literate is a term used to describe individuals who have the knowledge and skills to use a computer and other related technology.

What is a computer knowledge person called? ›

An IT specialist, computer professional, or an IT professional may be: a person working in the field of information technology; a person who has undergone training in a computer-field-related colleges, universities and computer institutes; or. a person who has proven extensive knowledge in the area of computing.

What is a computer literate person called? ›

Adjective. Well-versed in technology or computers. tech-savvy. techie. geeky.

How do you explain your technical skills? ›

Technical skills are the specialized knowledge and expertise required to perform specific tasks and use specific tools and programs in real world situations. Diverse technical skills are required in just about every field and industry, from IT and business administration to health care and education.

What are the levels of technical proficiency? ›

The scale ranges from proficiency levels 1-5:
  • NA - Not Applicable.
  • 1 - Fundamental Awareness (basic knowledge)
  • 2 - Novice (limited experience)
  • 3 - Intermediate (practical application)
  • 4 - Advanced (applied theory)
  • 5 - Expert (recognized authority)

What does professionally proficient mean? ›

4 – Full Professional Proficiency

Someone at this level can have advanced discussions on a wide range of topics about personal life, current events, and technical topics such as business and finance. People at this level may still have a minor accent and may occasionally misspeak or make minor mistakes.

How do you describe technical skills on a resume? ›

To display your technical skills, start by creating a Skills section in your resume. Give this section a heading like “Skills”, “Core Competencies”, or something similar. You can then list your skills beneath that heading. Most job seekers list all of their skills under one title, both technical skills and soft skills.

How do you put tech support on a resume? ›

How to write a technical support resume
  1. Ensure you're qualified for the role. ...
  2. List your contact information. ...
  3. Describe your qualifications in a professional summary. ...
  4. Review your experience in technical support. ...
  5. Highlight your strengths and skills. ...
  6. Include your academic training. ...
  7. Conclude with your relevant certifications.
Dec 22, 2022

How do you describe a tech support job on a resume? ›

Supported customers with basic technical support for current and past software releases. Assisted clients with general support for hardware, peripherals, network connections, and external software. Escalated help desk tickets to Level 2 / Tier 2 support when outside the scope of L1/T1 technician support.

How do you write soft and technical skills on a resume? ›

How to List Soft Skills on a Resume
  1. Identify what soft skills employers want. ...
  2. Make a master list of all your soft skills. ...
  3. Compare your list to the job offer. ...
  4. Use the resume experience section to show your soft skills. ...
  5. Put your soft skills in your resume profile. ...
  6. List your soft skills in a dedicated skills section.
Mar 21, 2023

What is another word for technical skills on a resume? ›

What is another word for technical skill?
hard skillaptitude
100 more rows

How would you describe technical proficiency? ›

Technical Proficiency. Definition. Must be able to apply the technical knowledge and skills required in the specialist and professional job role and responsibilities in order to achieve the expected outputs. Key Words: Technical Expertise; Occupational/Professional Proficiency; Applied Knowledge.

What is a strong resume word for support? ›

Resume Synonyms for Support:

Accommodated. Advanced. Advocated. Bolstered.

What is another title for tech support? ›

Titles such as technical support engineer or desktop support analyst may point at a need for a more advanced candidate, whereas IT support technician or technical support specialist may indicate more of an entry-level role.

What is a sample job description for technical support? ›

Identifies, investigates, and resolves users problems with computer software and hardware. Fields support calls, chat, email, and/or other communication from users with inquiries regarding software programming, connectivity, printing, and similar concerns.

What is the skill called when you are good with technology? ›

Many jobs require skills related to physical or digital tools—these are often called "technical skills."

How can I describe computer skills? ›

Computer skills are abilities and knowledge which allow you to use computers and related technology. They let you use word processing software, access the Internet, manage files, or create presentations. Advanced computer skills would let you access databases, use spreadsheets, and even code.

What is the best word to describe technology? ›

The Best Adjectives to Describe Technology
  • Advanced: Pertains to tech that's highly developed or sophisticated. ...
  • Automated: Designed to operate without human intervention. ...
  • Compact: Small in size and easy to transport. ...
  • Efficient: Designed to save time, money, or resources. ...
  • Intuitive: Easy to utilize and understand.


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