Top 10 Nollywood Actors Who Died In 2022 That Shocked Us (2023)

Nollywood Actors Who Died In 2022: The Nigerian film industry has lost numerous talented actors throughout the years. Although it is always a sad moment when anyone passes away, the deaths of some actors had a more significant impact on the Nigerian film industry.

As we move further into the year 2023, it’s crucial to pay tribute to these individuals who have made significant contributions to the growth and development of Nollywood.

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Let’s take a moment to remember and celebrate the lives of Nollywood actors who died in 2022.

In this blog post, we will look at the talented Nollywood actors who died in 2022, their legacies, and their impact on the Nigerian film industry.


  1. Top 10 Nollywood Actors Who Died In 2022
    • #1 Adah Ameh
    • #2 Leo Mezie
    • #3 Gbenga Richards
    • #4 David Osagie
    • #5 Chinedu Nwadike
    • #6 Romanus Amuta
    • #7 Lari Williams
    • #8 Chinedu Bernards
    • #9 Gbadebo Osmond
    • #10 Rico Swavey
  2. Wrap Up

Top 10 Nollywood Actors Who Died In 2022

#1 Adah Ameh

Ada Ameh was a well-known actress in Nollywood who passed away in 2022. On July 17, 2022, Ada Ameh passed away at the NNPC hospital in Warri, Delta State. She was aged 48.

She was reportedly found slumped and taken to the hospital, where her death was confirmed. She posted a video of herself eating lunch with her family a few hours before she passed away.

Top 10 Nollywood Actors Who Died In 2022 That Shocked Us (1)

Ada was a Nigerian actress who spent more than two decades in Nollywood. The actress became well-known for her role as Emu Johnson in the Nigerian television series The Johnsons, which won awards.

Ameh made her acting debut in the lead role of Anita in the 1996 film Domitila. Blood Money, Our Husband, Double Trouble, and Lockdown are among the films she has featured.

(Video) 10 Nollywood Celebrities Who Died In 2022

On Thursday, August 18, 2022, at Freedom Park in Lagos, the cast and crew of the popular television series “The Johnsons” organized a “Night of Tributes” event in her honor as the lead actress of the show. On Friday, August 26, 2022, she was buried in Otukpo, Benue State, at her father’s house.

#2 Leo Mezie

One of the famous Nollywood actors who died in 2022 was Leo Mezie, whose real name was Leonard Onyemachi. Leo Mezie is an actor, model, author, television personality, businessman, and philanthropist who is well-known in Nigeria.

On Saturday, May 14, he lost his battle with kidney disease after a prolonged battle. Nollywood star Chioma Toplis posted an Instagram message about the actor’s passing.

After undergoing kidney transplant surgery, he passed away. After starring in the 2003 Nigerian film Labista, he became a household name.

He also appeared in King’s Sleepless Night, Empty Throne, No Man’s Land, Heart of a Slave, and Total War. He has acted closely with Jerry Williams, Emma Ehummadu, and Zack Orji, among others.

#3 Gbenga Richards

Gbenga was a well-known Nigerian actor, director, producer, and performer. On Thursday, May 12, only a week after the death of David Osagie, Nollywood experienced yet another tragedy as renowned actor

Gbenga Richards was reported dead after suffering an unexplained condition. He was born in 1962 and died when he was 60 years old.

Top 10 Nollywood Actors Who Died In 2022 That Shocked Us (3)

According to accounts, the formerly lively actor, who was a force to be reckoned with in the 1990s and early 2000s, suffered from a number of diseases, and getting funds for his treatment proved difficult since he fell on hard times.

In 1977, Richards made his acting debut. He appeared in a number of major film roles, including Sango, Mirror in the Sun, and Betrayed by Love.

#4 David Osagie

Osagie Ogbeosamudia David, better known by his stage name David Osagie, was an accomplished talent manager, screenwriter, producer, and actor in Nollywood.

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Top 10 Nollywood Actors Who Died In 2022 That Shocked Us (4)

On May 4, 2022, the experienced actor, 52, unexpectedly passed away while filming on set the day before. Ngozi Ezeh, the actor’s colleague, made the announcement that he had passed away, noting that the actor was not ill but had slept and not awoken the following day.

David was best known for playing a king or an older kinsman in most films. A portion of his movies incorporates The Regal Fight, My Distress, My Aggravation, Agunna, and Lost Fight.

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#5 Chinedu Nwadike

Chinedu Nwadike, whose complete name is Ruler Chinedu Nwadike, was a Nigerian entertainer, evangelist, and gospel vocalist. Furthermore, he was a politician from the nation’s southeast.

Top 10 Nollywood Actors Who Died In 2022 That Shocked Us (5)

The news that Chinedu Nwadike had passed away on March 27, 2022, shocked fans. He had battled with a kidney ailment for some time prior to his death. He appeared in numerous films, including Run Away Prince and Divine Sisters.

#6 Romanus Amuta

When veteran actor Romanus Amuta’s death was announced on February 9, 2022, Nollywood burst into tears. After enduring a prolonged illness, he passed away.

After playing Natty on the popular sitcom New Masquerade in the 1980s, Amuta, 79, became a household name.

Top 10 Nollywood Actors Who Died In 2022 That Shocked Us (6)

The veteran actor is well-known for his roles as title and elder chiefs in various Nollywood films. He sometimes plays the traditional prime minister and chief priest.

Lion Finger was released in 2003, Eagles Bride was released in 2005, and Ijele was released in 1999. The industry was mourning the death of John Adewuni Adewoye, more commonly referred to as Tafa Oloyede, prior to Amuta’s passing.

(Video) 20 Nollywood Actors/Actress That Died Recently 2022

#7 Lari Williams

Lari Williams, a distinguished Nigerian actor, poet, and playwright, has recently passed away at the age of 81 in his maternal home of Ikom, Cross Rivers State.

Top 10 Nollywood Actors Who Died In 2022 That Shocked Us (7)

Known for his portrayal of Ladipo in Lola Fani Kayode’s celebrated soap opera, “Mirror in the Sun,” Williams rose to prominence as one of Nigeria’s finest character actors, featuring in notable stage and screen productions such as “For Better for Worse,” “Village Headmaster,” and “Adio Family.”

He was also the first actor to perform on top of Zuma Rock in Abuja, wherein he recited his friend Maman Vatsa’s poem “The Bird that Sings in the Rain.”

Williams was the inaugural president of the active Actors Guild of Nigeria and had taught Theatre Arts at the University of Lagos, Lagos State University, and the University of Calabar. His passing marks yet another loss to Nollywood’s community of deceased actors.

#8 Chinedu Bernards

Chinedu Bernards Nwankwo, popularly known as Chinedu Bernards, was a rising star in the Nigerian film industry, hailing from Enugu state.

Top 10 Nollywood Actors Who Died In 2022 That Shocked Us (8)

With her curves and talent, Chinedu was fast approaching the heights of mainstream fame before her untimely demise. On April 29, 2022, the Nollywood actress passed away after collapsing while cleaning the Chapel of St. Leo the Great Catholic Church in Enugu.

Although taken to the East Side Hospital, she was pronounced dead upon arrival. Chinedu had already made her mark in the industry, having acted in several notable films such as The Regret, Royal Bracelet, and Money Fever.

Her death was met with shock and mystery by the President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), Emeka Rollas Ejezie, and the broader Nollywood community. Chinedu Bernards will be missed as one of the newest additions to the roster of Dead Nollywood Actors.

#9 Gbadebo Osmond

In the year 2022, the Nollywood industry suffered a major loss with the passing of Gbadebo Osmond, one of the dead Nollywood actors. His demise came as a painful shock not only to the movie industry but also to Nigeria as a whole.

Top 10 Nollywood Actors Who Died In 2022 That Shocked Us (9)
(Video) 25 Nigerian Celebrities Who Died in 2022

Osmond, who had established himself both as a Nollywood actor and filmmaker, passed away on May 30th in his forties. He gained fame for his exceptional performances in movies like Hired Killer, Queen Lateefat, Edunjobi, and Ewon Ife, among others.

#10 Rico Swavey

Former Big Brother Naija season 3 contestant, Patrick Fakoya, famously known as Rico Swavey, sadly passed away after a car accident which resulted in him being placed on life support.

Top 10 Nollywood Actors Who Died In 2022 That Shocked Us (10)

The untimely death of Rico Swavey, a beloved figure in the Nigerian entertainment industry, has left many fans mourning his loss.

To pay their respects, a night of tribute and a candlelight walk took place at Retro Citi in Victoria Island, Lagos.

A private service then followed at the Methodist Church of the Trinity, Tinubu Square, on Thursday prior his burial at Ebony Vaults, Ikoyi, Lagos.

Wrap Up

The Nollywood film industry has lost some of its beloved actors in 2022. They have left behind a great legacy that will continue to inspire and awe aspiring actors and film enthusiasts alike.

Although their passing is undoubtedly sad, their contribution to the entertainment world will be forever cherished. As we bid farewell to these talented actors, let us honor their memory by appreciating the art they so passionately created.

May they rest in peace!


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Which Nigeria actor died recently 2022? ›

Baba Atoli

The death of veteran Nollywood actor, Olaniyi Raji, known as Baba Atoli was announced on 18 July, 2022. He died after battling an undisclosed ailment for a long time.

Who is the recent Nollywood actor that died? ›

Barely 24 hours after the death of a popular Nollywood actor, Saint Obi, a Yoruba popular actor and filmmaker, Murphy Afolabi, is reportedly dead. The thespian, who acted in Yoruba movies, was said to have fallen down in the bathroom at his house in Ikorodu, Lagos, on Sunday morning, May 14, 2023.

Which Nollywood actor died recently 2023? ›

Peace Anyiam Osigwe passed away on the 10th of January 2023, after she was in a coma for a period of time. The popular Nollywood actor, Sunday Akanbi Akinola, professionally known as Baba Feyikogbon died after suffering kidney failure. He died at the age of 80.

Who is the Nollywood actor that died December 2022? ›

Some Nollywood Actors have taken to their social media platforms to mourn late Actor, Kamal Adebayo, popularly known as “Sir K”, who died on Dec. 27, 2022. Late Adebayo had been laid to rest and the course of his death remains unknown.

Which Nigeria player died recently? ›

Ado Bala Hadi, a Nigerian footballer, has slumped and died during a match in the Spanish fourth-tier division.

What actor died in 2022? ›

They include Bob Saget, Angela Lansbury, Pelé, Stephen "tWitch" Boss, Coolio, Kirstie Alley, and Sidney Poitier. The filmmaker Peter Bogdanovich and the singer Ronnie Spector also died in 2022.

What celebrity died in 2023? ›

In memory of the actors, musicians, authors, and other famous faces who have died in 2023, including Tina Turner, Harry Belafonte, Tom Sizemore, Raquel Welch, Lisa Marie Presley, among others. Read on to remember their life and work.

What happen to Saint Obi? ›

Veteran Nollywood actor, Obinna Nwafor, popularly known as Saint Obi is dead. The talented thespian passed away at the age of 57 on Sunday, May 7, 2023, in Jos, Plateau State. Report said the actor died at the home of one of his siblings.

Who is the Nigeria actor that died in July 2022? ›

On Sunday, July 17, 2022, popular Nollywood comedy actress, Ada Ameh, was pronounced dead after collapsing and taken to a hospital in Delta State.

Who died in July 2022 in Nollywood? ›

Nollywood veteran, Ada Ameh, died on July 17, 2022, at the NNPC hospital in Warri, Delta State. She was aged 48. A 'Night of Tributes' event was organised by the cast and crew of the popular TV series, 'The Johnsons', in her honour as the lead actress of the series, on Thursday, August 18, 2022, at Freedom Park, Lagos.

Which Nigerian actor died in April 2022? ›

Dejo Tunfulu

Dejo is a popular Yoruba Actor, comedian, and movie producer. He attained the name “Dejo Tunfulu” for playing a humorous stammerer in Nollywood movies. It was gathered that the 53-year-old thespian battled with chronic kidney disease for several years, which led to his death on April 1, 2022.

Which Nigerian musician was shot dead? ›

Kindly share this story: Nigerian singer, songwriter and ex-Mr Universe, Slami Ifeanyi, is dead. According to reports gathered the singer was reportedly shot dead by unknown gunmen in Anambra State on Sunday.

Which Nigeria player died in Greece? ›

On 18 April 2011 Olubayo died in a car crash while driving on Egnatia Odos, near the city of Kavala, Greece. He was on his way to Nigeria in order to finalise details of his wedding.

Which popular Nigerian footballer was sentenced to death? ›

Nigerian footballer, Theophilus Ugwu, 23, Has Been Sentenced To Death For smuggling 6 Kilos of drugs in Vietnam, on Tuesday. He was arrested on March 8 2020 by Vietnam police, trying to smuggle in from Cambodia.

What celebrities died in August 2022? ›

  • Vin Scully (1927-2022) Aug 2 American sportscaster (Brooklyn / LA Dodgers, 1950-2016; Ford Frick Award, 1982; Lifetime Achievement Emmy Award, 1995), dies from motor neuron disease at 94.
  • Olivia Newton-John (1948-2022) ...
  • Anne Heche (1969-2022) ...
  • Mikhail Gorbachev (1931-2022)

What celebrities died in June 2022? ›

Don Perkins, 84, American football player (Dallas Cowboys). Shauneille Perry, 92, American stage director and playwright. Donald Pippin, 95, American theatre musical director, Tony winner (1963). Rekandar Nageswara Rao, 73, Indian actor and stage director.

What lead singer died in 2022? ›

Remembering Loretta Lynn, Meat Loaf, Jerry Lee Lewis, Pharoah Sanders, Christine McVie, Olivia Newton-John, Coolio, Gal Costa, Lata Mangeshkar, George Crumb, Vangelis, Ronnie Spector, DJ Kay Slay, Maria Ewing, Mo Ostin and many others who died in 2022.

What celebrities have passed away this year? ›

Celebrity deaths 2022: All the actors, singers and more we lost...
  • Barbara Walters. Sept. 25, 1929 – Dec. 30, 2022. ...
  • Sonya Eddy. June 17, 1967 – Dec. 19, 2022. ...
  • Stephen “tWitch” Boss. Sept. 29, 1982 – Dec. 13, 2022. ...
  • Ronnie Turner. Oct. 27, 1960 – Dec. 8, 2022. ...
  • Kirstie Alley. ...
  • Brad William Henke. ...
  • Christine McVie. ...
  • Jake Flint.
Jan 18, 2023

Who died May 2023? ›

Celebrity Deaths 2023
  • Tina Turner. Nov 25, 1939 - May 23, 2023. ...
  • Jim Brown. Feb 16, 1936 - May 18, 2023. ...
  • Marlene Hagge. Feb 15, 1934 - May 15, 2023. ...
  • Doyle Brunson. Aug 09, 1933 - May 13, 2023. ...
  • Denny Crum. Mar 01, 1937 - May 08, 2023. ...
  • Joe Kapp. Mar 18, 1938 - May 07, 2023. ...
  • Vida Blue. Jul 27, 1949 - May 05, 2023. ...
  • Jerry Springer.

Who died on this day in history? ›

Who Died Today in History?
  • 946 Edmund the Older, king of Wessex/England (939-46), dies.
  • 967 Murakami, Emperor of Japan (b. ...
  • 986 Abd al-Rahman al-Sufi, Persian astronomer, dies at 83.
  • 992 Mieszko I, Grand Duke and ruler of Poland (960-992), dies at around 61.
  • 1085 Gregory VII [Ildebrando], Pope (1073-85), dies.

Is Saint Obi married? ›

How many children did Saint Obi have? ›

The Saint would be blessed with three beautiful children.

How old is Saint Obi? ›

Obi died on 7 May 2023, at the age of 57.

How many Nigeria celebrities died in 2022? ›

Adah Ameh, Osinachi And 13 Other Prominent Nigerians Who Died In 2022. Over the last 12 months, there were sad goodbyes. Several high-profile Nigerians died during the year, throwing many into mourning.

Which Nigerian actor died in a car accident? ›

Nigerian artiste and former Big Brother Naija housemate, Rico Swavey has been confirmed dead after a ghastly accident. On Tuesday 11 October, a colleague of his, Alex Asogwa aka Alex Unusual, shared the sad news about his involvement in a ghastly car accident on her Instagram account.

Who died recently july 2022? ›

"Leave it to Beaver" star Tony Dow died on July 27, 2022, at 77 years old. The actor, who played older brother Wally Cleaver in the iconic TV sitcom, was also a film producer and director. </br></br>Tony Dow, as Wally Cleaver, in a scene from "Leave It To Beaver."

Which Nollywood actor died and resurrected? ›

Meet the Nigerian actor who died and resurrected three days later in a morgue. Nollywood actor, Jerry Amilo, has shared his testimony of how God's mercy was upon him after he was fatally injured in an accident.

What actress died in 2022? ›

From Barbara Walter to Kirstie Alley to Bob McGrath, Christine McVie, Angela Lansbury, James Caan, and Olivia Newton-John, these are the celebs and famous faces we lost in 2022.

Who died recently in december 2022? ›

Kirstie Alley, 71, American actress (Cheers, Veronica's Closet, Look Who's Talking), Emmy winner (1991, 1994), colon cancer. Ahmad Ali Barqi Azmi, 67, Indian poet. John Beckwith, 95, Canadian composer, writer and pianist.

What singer died in April 2022? ›

Chris Bailey, lead singer, co-founder and songwriter of influential Australian punk band The Saints, died on Saturday 9th April 2022. The Saints wrote: "It is with great pain in our hearts that we have to inform you about the passing of Chris Bailey, singer and songwriter of The Saints, on April the 9th 2022.

Which Nigerian actor died in accident? ›

Nigerian artiste and former Big Brother Naija housemate, Rico Swavey has been confirmed dead after a ghastly accident. On Tuesday 11 October, a colleague of his, Alex Asogwa aka Alex Unusual, shared the sad news about his involvement in a ghastly car accident on her Instagram account.

Who is the most famous person in Nigeria 2022? ›

You guessed right! Asake is our most popular celebrity of 2022. The Nigerian entertainment industry significantly grew this year.

Which Nigerian actor died and resurrected? ›

Meet the Nigerian actor who died and resurrected three days later in a morgue. Nollywood actor, Jerry Amilo, has shared his testimony of how God's mercy was upon him after he was fatally injured in an accident.

Which actor recently died in a car accident? ›

Leslie Jordan, the actor, comedian and musician known for his roles in “Will & Grace” and “American Horror Story” and for his uplifting pandemic Instagram videos, died after a car crash Monday in Hollywood.

Which Nigerian actress got an accident? ›

Nollywood actress, Destiny Etiko, on Wednesday, survived a car accident while returning from a colleague, Stanley Okoro's burial. The actress took to her Instagram account to thank God for saving her life and the lives of other occupants of the vehicle.

Who is the most beautiful person in Nigeria 2022? ›

Hannah Iribhogbe

Who is the biggest celebrity in Nigeria? ›

Davido (23.1 million followers):

David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido is the most followed Nigerian celebrity on Instagram with over 20 followers.

Who is the most loved celebrity in Nigeria? ›

Wizkid, Davido are the most popular celebrities in Nigeria, according to ChatGPT. It also also named Burna Boy, Tiwa Savage, and Nollywood actress Funke Akindele in the third, fourth, and fifth positions, respectively.


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